Tuesday, August 01, 2006

from sketchbook

Finally I'm back!

I haven't had time to post anything recently. Besides, I haven't been drawing too much at home since is too hot in here. Man, It seems a sauna here. However, I always have some time to sketch during my lunch time in Glendale. Here I am posting some drawings from my sketchbook that I did in the past 30 days.

This was at starbucks also. I haven't been going to visit lots of places recently. It is being pretty hot and i don't have a car.The only place that I go is the Starbucks close by my apartment. Overthere I see lots of funny people. I loved the expression of this father teaching his son how to play cheez . It is not easy to have the pacience. Even for a father!

This was interesting. A really short and confident guy was hanging out with this big and intimidating fellow at lunch time in Glendale. They were living the bank. The short guy will probably be a better business man.

Here is a funny scene I saw! . The girl seemed to be really active and happy although she didn't feel like eating french fries.
The mother of course was a litlle bit tired.

This is a really shubby lady that I met in a friend's house party. She was really alone and waiting for company. She was looking all the time to one of my friends. For her expression I could tell that she seriousy needed a partner.

This little asian kid was crying as hell because he dropped all his fries in the ground. The mother was consoling him but I don't think it was a good attempt.

The blond ladie had a pretty big nose. She seemed to be a little bit jealous about the cute nose that her boyfriend had. She seemed to be really passionated by her beloved boyfriend. Nevertheless, One could tell that she was slightly envious. The boyfriend was enjoying the girlfriend's petting.

Jack Black

Here is a drawing I did after whatching the film. Such a funny actor. I had a good laugh!