Friday, December 29, 2006

Kill Bill

I loved the scene when Uma Thurman is talking in japanese with this japanese cook. It was really fun to watch their acting and humor. The girl in the drawing doesn't look Uma Thurman at all. This is just a drawing based on that scene which I liked so much.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The bully from kindergarten

This angry little boy was a colleague that I had in kindergarten. His name was Victor and he was always picking on me. One day I got mad at him and I bit his nose. He cried like a sissy and then he tried to beat me so bad but I ran away .

Friday, December 15, 2006

Genetically modified creatures

Gorillas with odd features.

These drawings were made in the character design class where We were supposed to draw a midget in this weird horse. We had to push the shapes of both characters. It was fun!

cowboys and cowgirls

Plan 9 from outer space

Yesterday I was watching the film "plan 9 from outer space" directed by Ed Wood. There are a lot of funny things in that film. ahahah. I had to make these drawings to see how I would interpretate that in the paper.


paint done in the illustration class at CalArts.

film studies done in the illustration class at CalArts.

My lovely grandma

That's my grandma, Kaoru, taking a nap. I always try to observe her a lot since she is such an interesting person. Grandma is rad!

Grandma washing the dishes


Interesting girls were sitting besides me. One was soo tired that she barely closed her eyes. Also, her mouth was wide open.
I don't know if the other one was mad or upset. what I know is that she was not happy at all.

This man seemed to be extremely religious. As soon as the bus took off he started to pray intensely. What I could notice is that he was a lawyer. He was talking on the cell phone to one of his clients. He was trying to calm her down since she was going to face someone in a trial.

This man was strange. He has a pentagonal head. Sort of geometric look!