Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Mistress

This was a Lady standing in line at the DMV. She felt like a lady from a film noir. A Mistress with a diabolique plan to murder her lover that is not giving her attention anymore. Something that you would probably see in Billy Wilder movies or Hitchcock's.

Whiskey Girls in San Diego.

Everyone knows I'm a foreigner. Foreigners need either an ID or their Passport in order to get into bars or order alcoholic drinks. Since I still don't have a driver's licence I have to carry my passport whenever I go out for some drinks. I know it's not the best thing to do but I'm always very careful.

Me and my swiss friend Jonathan decided to go bar hopping in SD. We went to the whiskey girls bar in SD downtown. I had a blast. I got a lot to drink since I wasn't driving. Jonathan was bummed because he hated the bar and he couldn't drink too much. He was the designated driver.
Suddenly, I realized I had lost my passport. I started to freak out and horrible thoughts started to pop in my head. Without my passport I'm no one in the US. I would be probably deported right away.
I grabbed the security guard and started to beg him to let me in so I could look for my passport. However, my drama wasn't being too effective. He told me that his boss wasn't allowing anyone to get in. I was so desperate that I almost started to cry. The Bouncer started to get emotionally involved with my case.
Suddenly, I felt something being pulled from my pocket. It was my passport! Jonathan found it on my rear pocket. It was very embarrassing but I felt so relieved that it wasn't lost in the bar. John hit my head with the passport and gave it back to me. He started to groan and walk back to the car. The Security guard didn't say anything. He just scrolled his eyes and left. Thanks for finding my passport Jonathan. Thanks for driving too!

Saturday, December 19, 2009